Music for Martha-Beginning Graham Technique

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Music for Martha Beginning Graham Technique is recorded for beginning dance students of the Graham technique. Each piece of music includes clear introductions or a count of 6, 8, or 9 beats for each composition. This project was recorded on a 7’5″ Model C Steinway piano, for a pure, authentic sound, and arranged to follow the format of a beginning Graham technique class. Each piece of music was created for many dance combinations associated with the Graham technique and easily adapted for classwork.

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“I wanted to begin not with characters or ideas, but with movements . . . I wanted significant movement. I did not want it to be beautiful or fluid. I wanted it to be fraught with inner meaning, with excitement and surge.”

–Martha Graham

The collection, Music for Martha, was composed by Michael Heavner during his years of playing piano for Graham technique and masterclasses. 

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