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Martha Graham Timeline: 1894-1949

Martha Graham Biography-Encyclopedia Britannica


Martha Graham

Louis Horst Course Materials and Research 1929-1992

Louis Horst, 80, Leader in Dance; Martha Graham’s Former Musical Director Dies

Louis Horst

Dance: Tribute Paid To Louis Horst

X Factor: Martha Graham and Louis Horst

Louis Horst-CL

The Martha Graham Dance Company

Louis Horst Collection

Martha Graham Quotes

Martha Graham Woman Hall Of Fame

Moving Force

Martha Graham-Library Of Congress

Dance Heritage Coalition

Congress on the Research of Dance

Martha Graham Dies at 96; A Revolutionary in Dance

American Modernism Martha Graham

Bird’s Eye View: Dancing with Martha Graham and on Broadway

Dancing Diplomacy: Martha Graham and the Strange Commodity of Cold-War Cultural Exchange in Asia, 1955 and 1974

Martha Graham, Professor Miller and the Work for Hire Doctrine: Undoing the Judicial Bind Created by the Legislature

Dance Research Journal Martha Graham’s House of the Pelvic Truth: The Figuration of Sexual Identities and Female Empowerment

An Overview Of The Development Of Martha Graham’s Movement System (1926–1991)

Martha Graham’s Haunting Body: Autobiography at the Intersection of Writing and Dancing

A Technique for Power: Reconfiguring Economies of Energy in Martha Graham’s Early Work

Emotivist Movement and Histories of Modernism: The Case of Martha Graham

Work for Hire, Freedom of Contract, and the Creative Genius after the Martha Graham Case

Martha Graham and Cosmology… A “Cosmic Connection”?

Dance, Psychoanalysis, and Modernist Aesthetics: Martha Graham’s Night Journey

Movement and modernity: New York sportswear, dance, and exercise in the 1930s and 1940s

Martha Graham and Cosmology… A “Cosmic Connection”?

Dance, Psychoanalysis, and Modernist Aesthetics: Martha Graham’s Night Journey

Dance analysis in the publications of Janet Adshead and Susan Foster

The evolution of modern dance therapy

Movement and modernity: New York sportswear, dance, and exercise in the 1930s and 1940s

Dance, technology, and the web culture of students

Martha Graham

Modern Performance and Adaptation of Greek Tragedy

The Strange Commodity of Cultural Exchange: Martha Graham and the State Department on Tour, 1955-1987

Inevitable Designs: Embodied Ideology in Anna Sokolow’s Proletarian Dances

Spirituality and the American feminist experience

Appalachian Spring’s’ Catalytic Agent.’Harold Spivacke’s Role in the Evolution of an American Classic [31]

American document and American minstrelsy

Performance, Movement, and Kinesthesia

Cynthia Nazzaro Noble, Bessie Schönberg, Pioneer Dance Educator and Choreographic Mentor. Lewiston, New York: The Edwin Mellen Press. 2005.

Keeping Alive the Wonder: Primitive Mysteries, New York 1931 to London 2009

Making music for modern dance: collaboration in the formative years of a new American art

Martha Graham, Mexico, and the American Gesture

Dancing Art and Politics Behind the Iron Curtain: Martha Graham’s 1962 Tours to Yugoslavia and Poland

A Trustworthy Collaboration: Eleanor Roosevelt and Martha Graham’s Pioneering of American Cultural Diplomacy

A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction

American Modernism: Reimagining Martha Graham’s Lost Imperial Gesture (1935)

Visions of Landscape in Martha Graham’s Errand into the Maze

The Ancestress figure: Puritanism in Martha Graham’s choreography

Martha Graham, Professor Miller and the Work for HIre Doctrine

Miriam Cole papers, 1923-1997

Rudolf Nureyev and His Ballet

Dancing Up a Storm: Canadian Performance at the Nazi Olympic Games (1936) and the Notion of Cultural Translation

Dance Research Monograph One, 1971–1972

Bravo! Using Library Dance Collections to Recreate Historical Ballets

During The Interpretation And Performance Of Literature Based On Martha Graham’s Use Of Classical Tragedy In Modern Dance

New York: Council on Research in Dance, 1983-xvii, 265 pp. Glossary, Photographs. $12.00 (paper). Dance as Cultural Heritage. Vol. 2: Dance Research Annual XV

A Technique For Power

Martha Graham’s Legal Legacy

The Woman Wielding the Axe: Clytemnestra Reclaimed?

Dance: Martha Graham Offers World Premiere

Using your strengths to teach a dance history course

Martha Graham’s Gilded Cage: Blood Memory—An Autobiography (1991)

Alien bodies: representations of modernity,” race,” and nation in early modern dance

Dance therapy on a therapeutic community for schizophrenic patients

Musical and Choreographic Integration in Copland’s and Graham’s” Appalachian Spring”